ASTC 2020 Guidelines


The Avondale Swim and Tennis Club (ASTC) recognizes the safety concerns associated with opening a pool during the COVID-19 pandemic. To provide a safe environment that supports social distancing and other health precautions, the ASTC Board has adopted the following 2020 season guidelines. The ASTC guidelines are based upon CDC and State of Georgia recommendations, as well as guidance provided by United Pools.


  1. ASTC will limit the number of members on the grounds during hours of operation. To accomplish this, ASTC will implement a reservation system that will permit members to block 2-hour time slots, one per day per member. Members will be provided with a colored wristband that will indicate their time slot. Time slots will be released on a weekly basis.
  2. ASTC will provide specific time slots to Senior members (62 and up). These “Senior hours” will not require a reservation.
  3. No guests will be permitted on the grounds. Members may add babysitters/nannies to their memberships to allow children of working parents to enjoy the pool.
  4. ASTC will not allow nor host parties.
  5. Nineteen (19) round tables will be placed throughout the pool deck. Each table will have 4 chairs. Tables and chairs will be placed 6 feet apart to support social distancing. Tables and chairs are to remain in place.
  6. No lounge chairs will be placed on the grounds.
  7. The ASTC grounds offer a picnic area separate from the pool deck. Picnic tables will be placed 6 feet apart to support social distancing. Tables shall remain in place.
  8. The ASTC basketball and wall ball courts will be closed for play. Picnic tables will be placed on both courts to support social distancing and discourage recreational play.
  9. ASTC will promote a separate ingress and egress into and out of the pool deck.
  10. Members will be permitted to bring their own pool toys; ASTC will not provide pool toys of any kind.
  11. The diving board will be open. ASTC will indicate where the line shall form and promote social distancing via placement of tape on the pool deck.
  12. Bathrooms will be operational. Doors will always be open to promote air circulation. We will reduce the number of usable stalls to promote social distancing.
  13. Trash can lids will be removed to reduce the number of surfaces members and staff will touch.
  14. Bottle-filler water fountains will be operational.
  15. Grills, the ice machine, and the vending machines will not be operational.
  16. ASTC will not offer a lost and found.
  17. Food delivery will be permitted; however, members and staff must exit the grounds to meet delivery personnel in the parking lot or on the street. Delivery personnel will not be permitted on the grounds.
  18. The showers (both outdoor and in the restrooms) will not be operational.
  19. Signage encouraging hygiene and social distancing and promoting the rules will be placed throughout the grounds.


The above list constitutes the guidelines that have been put in place to safely open the pool in June 2020. This list is subject to change should federal/state/local guidance change. Any changes will be communicated to United Pools.