List of eligible streets

Membership area includes that certain area within the City of Avondale Estates, Georgia, as shown on the attached map and list of eligible streets. Condominium developments, including but not limited to the Condominiums of Avondale Estates, the Kensington Walk condominiums and the Kensington Trace condominiums are specifically excluded from the membership area.

Ashton Place
Banbury Cross
Berkeley Road
Bromley Road
Charlbury Plaza
Chatsworth Drive
Clarendon Avenue
Clarendon Place
Coventry Close
Covington Road (addresses 9-33, except 24, & 3219-3303)
Dartmouth Avenue
Dunwick Drive
Exeter Road
Fairfield Drive
Fairfield Place
Hess Drive
Kensington Road
Kingstone Road
Lakeview Place
Lakeshore Drive
Lakeshore Place
Majestic Circle
Melford Place
Nottingham Drive
Oakham Place
S. Avondale Plaza
S. Avondale Road
Stratford Road
Sussex Road
Viscount Court
Windsor Terrace
Windsor Walk
Wiltshire Drive
Wynn Drive